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Tell us about yourself- where you are from, what have you studied/or study, what are your hobbies and interests?

I come from Turkey. I studied political science 1 year in turkey 3 years in Poland. I don’t have small hobbies. I like almost everything about my universe my first interest reading and writing especially reading. Volleyball was my dream having sports all is my hobbies

What is your motivation to take part in this project? Why did you decide to take part in it?

During the bachelor I was always being volunteer it’s just makes me happy after studying I wanted to spent more time with children.

Which are the main things you would like to learn from this project?

Firstly I always being curries about children psychology now I have change to observe their behavior. During the my job. The place which I am volunteered is located in mountains, I would like to learn old culture.

What kind of voluntary activities would be interesting for you and you would like to take part in?

Working with children different ages and immigrants

What are your expectations from this project?

Experience of in different culture children how is in their aspect to this world and about the life

Which are your fears from this project?

I don’t have any fears about this project

What is your previous experience with voluntary activities (if any)?

I been in volunteer during university to help students from villages create library and paint their school also I been volunteer in Syria during civil war to help them arrange home, provide food and stuff

What are your expectations from Know and Can Association?

This association provides almost everything to us. If I had any problem when I shared with them they responded immediately to fixed.

Do you think this project can develop you in personal, professional and social way? Please, tell how.

Yes I do think that this project can develop my personal professionally because here I have contacted with children and elder teacher about culture education, gives me some ideas to how have contact with children and culture differences that improved me social skills

Do you want to add anything else?

I would like to add one thing which is about creativity here in art class most of the exercise planed before asking students opinion, that’s why in my aspect they should first ask students and than find exercises

Please do share with us, so far your impressions from the voluntary service.

During the this two months if had any problem the service helps me to find solutions

How the Covid-19 is affecting your voluntary service?

This virus effects our work with children in a bad way I want have more time with them face to face but we can not have this option because of the virus

Arafat collage

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