KNOW AND CAN Association is NGO in private benefit set up in March 2007 in Sofia. Its goals are:

  • ¨    to develop and apply specialized programs for children’s, youths’ and the adults’ development of abilities and intellect;
  • ¨    to apply modern methods and technologies for the development of children’s and youths’ non-traditional education in Bulgaria;
  • ¨    to train staff for the needs of non-traditional education;
  • ¨    to build up own database and an information system for accumulating professional information;
  • ¨    to stimulate and guarantee participation of members of the Association in national and international events
  • ¨    to guarantee support to all the creative people with knowledge and abilities all over the world with tolerance to their religion, ethnical belonging, nationality, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender or membership in the Association.


The object of activities of the Association is:

  • ¨    working out as well as governing own projects and programs; 
  • ¨    participating in national and international projects and programs; 
  • ¨    logistic and assistance in carrying out in the country regional, national and international events with applied and educational character;
  • ¨    logistic of permanently held working seminars, workshops, discussions and other forms of exchange and popularizing of the non-traditional education;
  • ¨    making contacts and cooperation with state bodies and nongovernmental organizations, having attitude to education of children, youths and adults;
  • ¨    holding discussions and workshops about novelties in non-traditional education;
  • ¨    arranging courses for training staff, working in the sphere of non-traditional education;
  • ¨    consultancy and realizing of other activities for putting into practice the traditional education and promotion of non-traditional education;
  • ¨    proposing representatives in scientific and public councils and commissions;
  • ¨    organizing expert groups in the area of procedure of the NGO; 
  • ¨    working on intellectual programs for gifted children, youths and adults;
  • ¨    publishing activities ;
  • ¨    exchange of ideas through lectures, seminars, discussions and conferences;


Know and Can Association performs a range of informal courses that are related to the non-traditional education. The main objectives of the courses are to raise the qualification, to create skills, to improve knowledge and improve skills in order to help people to be competitive, aware and bright ones.

Informal courses and programs:

  • ¨    Introduction to the Public Debates
  • ¨    Introduction of the debate
  • ¨    Argumentation – types of arguments and proofs
  • ¨    Exercises/ role game
  • ¨    Types of reasoning
  • ¨    Exercise
  • ¨    Cross examination in debate
  • ¨    Exercises/ role game
  • ¨    Types of disproof. Disproof techniques
  • ¨    Exercises/game
  • ¨    Generating and organizing ideas
  • ¨    Public speaking – voice and manners
  • ¨    Moderator’s role
  • ¨    SPAR debates

Team working

Conflicts decision

Leading methods and styles

  • ¨    Introduction
  • ¨    A team and a group
  • ¨    Team working - Elements and characteristics
  • ¨    Team working formation stages
  • ¨    Effective team working
  • ¨    Characteristics of well-functioning teams
  • ¨    Types of conflicts and reasons for their rise
  • ¨    Stages and ways of conflicts decision
  • ¨    Mediation in conflict situations
  • ¨    Leading methods of management
  • ¨    Leading styles
  • ¨    Main characteristics of the leader

Psychometric tests and job interviews

  • ¨    Introduction
  • ¨    Types of tests
  • ¨    Instructions on test working
  • ¨    Tests taking approach
  • ¨    Check-up and analysis tests
  • ¨    Tests for determination of the skills and ability for taking up a position
  • ¨    Creativity determination tests
  • ¨    Personal characteristics determination test
  • ¨    IQ tests
  • ¨    Business role games and role taking
  • ¨    Practice leads to perfection – characteristics of the balanced and harmonized personality

Realizing and managing successful projects

  • ¨    Introduction
  • ¨    Searching financing possibilities
  • ¨    Donors’ demands
  • ¨    Project. Structure. Elements and stages of working out
  • ¨    Partners. Team
  • ¨    Logical frame of the project
  • ¨    Budget of the project
  • ¨    Timetable. Results. Required documents
  • ¨    Evaluation
  • ¨    Reports of the evaluation
  • ¨    Project management. Human resources and finances management. Documentation.
  • ¨    PR Strategy. Analysis and evaluation
  • ¨    Project closing
  • ¨    Role games

Successful self – realization program for young people

 The aim of this non-formal course is to help young people to gain knowledge, social skills and virtues in order to facilitate them to adapt to the higher and higher demands of social and educational spheres. This, consequently, will surely lead to their better adaptation and realization in real life as it develops young people’s mental and emotional intelligence. The idea of working out this program came because of the innumerable questions, mainly by young people, on the lack of  places where to meet, communicate and share interests with other young people having high IQ potential; on the need to receive and reveal additional skills that traditional educational systems cannot present; on how to spend their leisure time in interesting and useful way; and most of all – how to reduce the lack of readiness for realization of young people who has already graduated high schools or universities. So, the sub modules in the program include:

  • ¨            How to improve the power and the flexibility of my mind?
  • ¨            How to strengthen the memory, the concentration and the perception?
  • ¨            How to lay down my questions in the best way?
  • ¨            How to discuss and to stand on my ground without affecting my opponents?
  • ¨            How to solve difficult problems?
  • ¨            How to behave at my work place, so that to make myself feel comfortable and to handle the task in the best possible way?
  • ¨            How to avoid and not provoke conflicts?
  • ¨            How to react adequate when my boss gives me instructions and tasks to do?
  • ¨            How to become a successful and tolerant manager?
  • ¨            How to teach myself to accept the situations and to find the advantages and opportunities in each activity and to have the courage to handle the tasks in the best way?
  • ¨            How to teach myself to make optimal decisions; how to organize my time so that it will be enough for all my activities?
  • ¨            How to learn to evaluate myself in an adequate way so that the others will accept me and give me a chance?
  • ¨            How to feel myself safe and confident in my life?

Contents of the program

This program includes theory, interactive methods for building up habits and skills, communicative and intellectual problems and exercises, psychometrical, number and picture tests, exercises for developing memory, logic and perception, intellectual games and puzzles, IQ tests. The program is predicted to be held in 30-34 activities, each one with duration of 90 minutes. The program is recommended to high school students and young adults. The program can also be corrected on the number of activities according to the needs of the participants.

  1. Communication
  2. Review of the communicative abilities
  3. Oral and written instructions
  4. Team work
  5. Making decisions skills
  6. Group problems solving
  7. Taking risk
  8. Leader roles, management styles
  9. Personal characteristics of the active and enterprising person
  10. Motivation
  11. Creative spirit
  12. Building up self-faith
  13. Time management
  14. Formulation and discussion of different problems
  15. Cognitive questions
  16. Mental puzzles
  17. Intellectual games and activities
  18. Cases solving
  19. Psychometrical tests
  20. IQ tests

Intellectual skills development program


  • ¨    to determine a private thinking style (characteristics of a style) and to form habits of noticing other people’s styles of thinking;
  • ¨    Effective usage of the personal intellectual resources
  • ¨    Enriching the mutual views with other people
  • ¨    The program is recommended to people who, most of all, want to reveal their own personality and IQ potential, as well as to people who have to use their creativity and stand their ground in daily work. The program is proper for high school students, youths and mature people.

The expected results at the end of the program are:

  • ¨    To clarify the strong and weak aspects of your intelligence
  • ¨    To learn how to determinate situations that are proper for your personal worth revealing
  • ¨    Effectively use your knowledge and intellectual skills
  • ¨    To learn how to make less mistakes related to your weak characteristics by discerning non profitable chances
  • ¨    To learn to be more flexible when making a decision to change the circumstances
  • ¨    To be more précised and strict in your esteem of other people and you will find common ground with others.
  • ¨    The program will help you to improve your effectiveness in the process of communication and professional activities in general.

Program for professional orientation and consultation

The aims of the program are to stimulate young people and students’ reasoning on their personal development and perspectives in the future and to assist them in their professional choice. The program is recommended to high school students, youths who have just graduated universities and people who want to change their present job, in order to help them to find their realization it the labour market according to their wills, abilities and expectations; to think on their work not only as a realization of their ambitions for success, reaching the material dimensions and aims or a way of living, but as well as to try to find themselves in each activity they take on. The program includes finding out:

  • ¨    What they want to be and what they are able to become
  • ¨    How they see the recent perspectives of their lives’ development
  • ¨    How the chosen job fits their perspectives
  • ¨    Whether the chosen job will lead them to their main objectives or it will appear to be their great disappointment; or they don’t know what they want at all


KNOW AND CAN team includes people who are specialists in the following spheres – education of youths and adults, finances and economics, pedagogies and psychology, public administration, administration and government.

The members of the Know and Can team are enthusiastic, ambitious, highly-educated and well-trained with interests in many fields. They are hard-working, punctual, and tolerant and last but not least they have great desire for working in international teams.

All of the members of the staff have attended specialized trainings on different courses and programs in Bulgaria and abroad – leadership skills and debating, civil education, social psychological trainings, developing intellectual programs for children and youths and others connected with education and trainings.

The achieved knowledge from the international specialties is applied in the projects of the Association.



The project is under the program Youth in Action, Youth Initiatives.

The project aims in a period of 5 months to increase the level of information of 120 students aged 16-18 and to enrich their knowledge on the themes of  psychoactive substances and HIV virus; to eliminate the dominating mistaken notions and the incorrect, inadequate and intolerant attitude proceeding from them towards people dependent on psychoactive substances and people with HIV; to declare our wish for changing the present situation of non-understanding and not knowing the specific characteristics of HIV problem; to show opportunities for reintegrating in society of addicted and infected people as people with equal chances who have rights, feelings and emotions just like healthy people; to build up skills in young people for health protection and prevention of risky sexual behaviour. By applying of interactive art techniques used in the already set up youth-discussion club ‘Naturally’ to the Know and Can Association young people will come close to the situations, in which people with HIV are put in. Forum theatre enables people to act their real life problems and give suggestions for their decision. It is a proved method for increasing the sensibility to definite problems, developing community, in children’s and youths’ education, in individual development.

Some of the main activities included in the project are: writing of a script for a theatrical production on the problem of “HIV”; presenting the theatrical production to the youths; preparing of informational materials on the topic about HIV; making informational video clips performing the problem in an interesting and reachable way; formation and division of the target group into 9 small groups in three different schools; giving presentations; taking youth discussions on the problem of AIDS and addictions; announcement of a competition on writing an essay on the theme “I am a personality, too”; a competition on poster designs on the main problem; filling in questionnaires that include questions about the HIV, the drug addictions, young people’s attitude towards the problem of AIDS and addictions; producing flyers, brochures, posters and giving them to the young people who take part in the project.


The project is under the Program for Youth Activities, Subprogram – Everyone is a personality.

The project aims at within four months to train young leaders in respect to investigate and work out projects on European Programs, debating, conflicts and conflicts decisions, developing of creative and intellectual potential, improving of personal qualities.    Applying the principles and methods of non-formal education will help young people in their interests, necessities, successful decisions of future problems and causes, giving meaning of free time, finding a suitable job, correspondent to their qualification and abilities. The result of the project will be the turning of youths into a key factor in Euro integration processes in Bulgaria. By pointing young people to express themselves and build personal qualities, the project will help young people to work in cooperation and take responsibilities. There will be trained 30 youths in three 3-days theoretical seminars, including: conflicts decisions, psychometric tests and job applying, debating and project writing. These 3-days seminars will be followed by one 3-day seminars with practical purpose, including: debating contest, projects promotion, causes and tests decisions. The gained results and actual information about the target group will be published on the Znam i Moga internet site.


The project is under Operational Program Human Resources Development, Priority axis 4 - Improving the access to education and training.

Know and Can Association is established in order to help young people and students get involved into the field of informal education. To respond to students and youths’ needs for extra activities that can reveal their potential and intellectual skills, the Association decided to work out a project based on the intellectual games and activities. The project “Know and Can Club” reveals different opportunities for young people to take part in extra educational process without considering it as something boring or compulsory. The project aims at a period of 15 months to teach students at school age in active and single-handed studying, to make them want to take part in school life and activities and to help them turn into creative and responsible people who are able to make decisions about their future and realization responding to their needs and wills. The project will be held in cooperation with high schools with the help of headmasters, the pedagogical advisor, teachers and trainers. When the school teams are formed they will start working on different modules included in the program of the project. The project includes 30 activities for students in elementary school and 34 ones for the students in high-school age. The activities are going to be held in the schools’ buildings and after the classes in fixed days. To make it more creative and interesting, Know and Can Club intends to carry out competitions where the students will be able to show their new skills and gained knowledge and it will help them feel confident and successful. The competitions will be within the different schools as well as in schools themselves.

In general, the program of the project aims to increase students’ interests and motivation to the educational process by the out-school activities, to stimulate their personal capacity and virtues for successful choice of future realization, to form out in students active positions and attitude towards school itself and school life as a whole. We believe we can achieve the project’s aims because of our experience in informal education as well as our experience in dealing with youths and students at different school age.


The project is under Lifelong Learning Program – Leonardo da Vinchi, Mobility

The project aims at answering the need of improving the professional skills of 15 young people newly graduated in the sphere of tourism, who are on the labour market and who intend to find their future realization in tourism, mainly in the sphere of restaurants business.

Nowadays Bulgaria is still falling behind from a number of tendencies of the competitive, dynamic and globalizing European market of tourist services.

Participants in the training will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in a country with leading European practices in this field.

Know and can Association, the initiator of the present project and guarantee for the system of valuation of the project and for the training of every single participant, in cooperation with the other partners of the project from Bulgaria and Italy, intend to send 15 unemployed young people, newly graduated in the sphere of tourism, in Italian restaurants with the following training purposes: to get acquainted with the working system in the sphere of restaurants business in Italy; to have close contact with the European experience in a country with  century old traditions in culinary art and tourism, a country where cuisine is an attractive tourist product; to improve their own competences in one new intercultural  surroundings.

The result of this training will be multiplication, dissemination of the participants’ acquired knowledge and practical skills in the professional circles of the Bulgarian restaurants business and tourism, where there is a strong lack of staff with new thinking and new professional culture. The planned duration of the project is 21 weeks, in which the stage of the preliminary preparation is included.

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