The main aim of all the programs of Know and Can Association is children to accept themselves and the others such as they are, to learn to be tolerant, to become aware of their role in life, to be confident, flexible and steady to the negative influence of the social environment.  

Program “I learn” for pupils from primary schools (aged between 7-10). This program allows without any effort in a form of a game:

  • to pick up complicated terms from the surroundings;
  • to develop children’s communication skills;
  • to achieve coordination, patience and space vision and the so called “inner brake” – a habit to restrain in the very moment when it is necessary;
  • to develop fantasy and creative thinking;
  • to improve child’s skills for calm and tolerant communication with other children

Program “I can” for students from secondary schools (age 11-14). This program allows:

  • complex development of attention, memory, speech, observation;
  • development of creative thinking by solving different mind puzzles, brainstorming and logical problems;
  • forming of rational ways of thinking which will help better learning of the main subjects from the school curriculum;
  • work with different intellectual games which help improving creative thinking and strengthen cognitive processes;
  • development of organizational skills.

Program „I am” for students from high schools (age 14-18).

This program is connected to awareness of youth’s own personality and possibilities, communication skills and methods for self-assertion. The program involves test research of the personality, situational games, cases and complex intellectual and entertainment studies.

This program allows:

  • Formation of a positive attitude towards selves;
  • Personal development;
  • Communication skills;
  • Reformation of behavior;
  • Formation of values and goals related to future;
  • Time management skills;
  • Vocational guidance;
  • Improvement of mental power and flexibility and development of creative skills;
  • Debating skills and ability to uphold position, solving difficult cases and making optimal decisions;
  • Organization of personal time.


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