SELF E logo 800On the 12th and 13th of February 2018 in Rzeszów, the CWEP association hosted the first meeting in the SELF-E project. It was attended by partners from Lithuania, Cyprus, Poland and Bulgaria.

From 20th to 23th November 2017 in Sofia the first training for NEETs under the COMP-Pass project was held. It turned out that despite the numerous preliminary contacts, meetings and conversations for explaining the nature of the content and benefits of such training for the target group, very few of the previously confirmed participants came and attended the training. The training started with seven, but ended with 6 people. Some of them were from a minority ethnic group outside the capital living in small remote area.

ForProve Theatre- Newsletter 4

At the end of September the ForProve theatre project will be completed. Throughout the project lifespan the project team have produced several training and learning products (outputs) and implemented project activities to ensure product validity. These are very useful and valuable outputs, targeted at the adult education for personal and social development and in your work as counsellor, trainer, teacher or coach.Trainers, teachers, counsellors and coaches can use the tools and exercises in their daily work with their target group. In order to spread the products of the project all partners were organising the multiplier event in their countries. Here are the summaries of the multiplier events in all partners’ countries.

ForProve Theatre- Newsletter 4

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