A catalogue with non-formal educational methods: EDUC`ACTION

DROP IN logo CopyThe “EDUC’ACTION” catalogue is a product of the project “DROP IN”. It is meant to be used by facilitators, in different subjects, to support them in everyday work with students. The general goal of the innovative tool is to enhance the capacities of the facilitators to stimulate active engagements and to maintain sustainable motivations for learning among the students by using the methods of non-formal education applied in a classroom environment.

“EDUC`ACTION” catalogue offers a wide selection of 48 non-formal education techniques that can be integrated in formal education institutions aimed to improve learning environment and approaches. The necessity of this catalogue is addressed to the problem that current youngster generation has changed, as well as their attention and ability to focus. In the same time teaching methods have remained the same and often struggle to be in line with interests of students. That causes a real social issue – early school leaving that leads to higher unemployment rates. In this catalogue you will find specific methods to promote – opening activities; the importance of education and motivation to learn; team building and the feeling of equality; self-esteem, self-awareness and reflection; building up your own environment and taking responsibility for it; learn how to say no! The draft program has also been provided to explain the training’s flow and process.

Full version of the catalogue could be downloaded from here!


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