Training in Bulgaria

BI NEW LogoFrom the 26th to the 28th of June 2020 in the office of the Association at 6 Racho Dimchev Street was held the training in mental arithmetic first level CLEVER. The training was conducted in compliance with all epidemiological measures, which limited the number of participants to 12. 11 of them were from formal education, teachers with different profiles and from different stages of education, as well as with different subjects taught and 1 representative of non-formal education.

The training was three days according to the already approved program, conducted by the trainers from the partners in the project from "Smart Kids". The lack of need of time for translation allowed participants to do more face-to-face training with debugging. On the last day of the training out of the program, the website with the Repository with already prepared exercises by age groups was presented, as well as the working version of the Generator.

Know Can BG training 2    Know Can BG training 1























The feedback received from the participants is for the exceptional usefulness of the project as a whole, as well as the opportunity to use the exercises in various forms in the formal educational process. An element that has been missing so far. Primary teachers were particularly pleased, describing the exercises as timely, interesting and useful for the early development and use of both hemispheres, against the background of increasing problems with literacy and early dropout due to math problems.


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