First partner meeting DROP-IN

DROP IN logo CopyOn 15th and 16th November 2018, representatives of Know and Can Association and 119th School “Acad. Mihail Arnaudov” took part in the kick-off meeting of the brand new KA2 project DROP-IN which was held in Pau, France. The project is coordinated by our French partners from Pistes Solidaires and gathers partners from 5 EU countries – France, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium and Latvia.

The main project aim is to struggle against school dropping-out and motivate youngsters to become active actors in the society. The partnership is composed by representatives of formal and non-formal education which will ensure the multidisciplinary impact of the project. During the project the partners will transfer knowledge and know-how from the sphere of non-formal education to the formal school environment. We strongly believe that the introduction of non-formal methods and techniques in schools will be very beneficial for the students at risk of early school leaving and dropping out of the educational process.
During the first meeting day all project outputs were presented in details and the partners planned the necessary steps they have to take in the next few months. In December 2018 starts the work on the first project intellectual output – state of the art research at national level regarding the early school leaving and good practices and policies for fighting against dropping out.
During the second day the project coordinator presented the project management specifics and the communication platform Basecamp. The partners also planned the next face-to-face activities – the second partners meeting in Sofia in May 2019 and the training event in France during autumn 2019.


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