Take Off- What are our volunteer Uahna's expectations?

projectslogo.takeoffIn order to keep the high quality of the voluntary work, we made interviews with our new volunteers to see their fears and expectations. Today we want to share Uahna's interview.


  1. What is your motivation to take part in this project? Why did you decide to take part in it?

In few years, I would like work in an association or a NGO. I have an interesting diploma, so now I need varied experiences in volunteering and humanitarian to make a substantial network. Moreover, I decided to take part in this one because I would like add animator field with various audiences into my job skills.

  1. Which are the main things you would like to learn from this project?

I would like learning some basics of a new langage and knowing about the Bulgaria culture and History. I am motivated to test myself with children above 7 and with disabled people because I think I am not the best person for these audiences.

  1. What kind of voluntary activities would be interesting for you and you would like to take part in?

I like building construction and help people to feel safe. I care about our planet Earth so any activitie to help it is welcome. I am interesting by animator skills (especially no-formal) for various audiences because I don't know yet with which one I feel comfortable. Any activity that lets me express my creativity, I mean Art Therapy for instance, can be also interesting.


  1. What are your expectations from this project?

Firstly, I would like create my network, diversify my activities and knowledge. Moreover, I am interested by the East Europe and the Balkan countries. Finally, Bulgaria is a beautiful country with a rich History throught the years, and with a lot of different landscapes. 

  1. Which are your fears from this project?

I scared to not be able with the new publics, I mean with children between 7 and 11 or with the disability people (mainly because I never work with them and I have a better contact with the eldests usually).

Also, I didn't feel comfortable to take the public transports alone, especially because I have a car in France so I never use them alone.

  1. What is your previous experience with voluntary activities (if any)?

I am a volunteer in the MJC association in Plaisance-du-Gers, France. Every year, since 2014, I help them toi organize the RPGers festival.

I realized a Civil Service International in Vietnam, 5 month, by Pistes Solidaires Association. I gave some English lessons for the NGO staff Ánh Duong and help them for their current activities (organize event at schools, follow them visiting the povest families, take part in meetings, welcome the donator and introduce them the NGO, translate english/french and french/english for the god-parents letters, create videos to participate at some international competition).

  1. What are your expectations from Know and Can Association?

I wished to meet a new association and people with the values similar than mines. Currently, I notice I find what I am looking for with Know and Can Association team, but also with Daily Care and Caritas teams. I am overjoyed with the staff, I met people very patient, turned to the others (mainly to help them and create with them).

  1. Do you think this project can develop you in personal, professional and social way? Please, tell how.

Of course! I come from a small country-side in the South-West of France, so I didn't meet diverse people or cultures during my youth. For the reason, I think all the abroad experiences help me to improve my open-mindedness. Moreover, I would like develop my network (friendly and occupational) and keep in touch with mots of them.

  1. Do you want to add anything else?

I would like thank to people who create this volunteering which let me discover Bulgaria and lovely people.

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