Phase 2 of Take Off project- we have new volunteers!

projectslogo.takeoffPhase 2 of Take Off project has started. After the end of Jean and Yemi's voluntary service, we will host 2 new volunteers: Uahna and Maeylis.


Their main tasks will be as follows:

- Working in social center for elderly people Milosardie where the main tasks will be as follows:

* Helping in the organization of social events in retirement club

* Helping in social and artistic activities for elderly people

-  Working in the office of Know and Can Association with children where the main tasks will be as follows:

* Creative activities (such as connected with music, games, etc.)

* Creative activities in French

- Working with children with disabilities in social centre Blagoveshtenie (a part of Caritas- Bulgaria) where the main tasks will be as follows:

* Assistance in daytime activities

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