Shared Voluntary Trails- here is some more of Peter's experience.

Shared voluntary trails imageWe are very happy to announce that our volunteer- Peter is doing great in his voluntary service! Here is what he shared with us:


"Before coming here, I did not speak Italian, I knew it on basic level from other experiences abroad I knew the project could be an excellent opportunity to improve my Italian. I was sure that this new experience would give me a lot of new things, new skills, new relationships, new points of view, new professional and personal knowledge. I was so motivated to come and start with my transformation. I knew that this project would take away a part of my thinking and I would find many new tools to live better in future. I was ready to give my energy to the people who deserve it most. These people I worked with in the daily assistance center called "La Fraternità" are the great example for humanity and the real human reason to think about the important things in our lives... but for them... later in my story."

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