Pauline showed us how to help our planet

EN european solidarity corps logo cmyk 1Our volunteer- Pauline wants to save tha planet. She made a workshop with the children from Chepelare to show them how to reuse, reduce and recycle rubbish.

Moreover, she took part in the Bulgarian initiative Clean Bulgaria and cleaned the Chepelare river.



See what she told us about the event that she organized.

Let’s talk about Zero Waste!
In Chepelare school we talked about our planet.
We watched an alarming video about our plastic waste going in beautiful nature which creates pollution, destroys environment and kills animals and vegetation.
We searched and found some solutions to reduce our plastic production by using the 5 R’s of Zero Waste method:
- Refuse: say no to plastic!
- Reduce: bring your own bag to go shop!
- Reuse: you buy food in plastic container? Reuse it next time!
- Recycle: you can’t use it anymore? Put it in recycling!
- Rot: with your food waste, create compost and you can garden with it!

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To refuse waste, it is easy, you have to learn to say NO: if in restaurant they want to give you plastic straw, say No, you can drink directly in glass!
To reduce your impact, you can close the water when you brush your teeth, switch off the light…
To reuse, you can decorate a plastic box to put homemade cookies!
To recycle you have to learn what is recyclable!
To compost, you can learn how to do it. This is really easy!
So, as the Colibri, even if you do small things, you do something! And if everybody does something small, all together we will create better impact!



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