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Why did you decide to take part in the project?
I decided to take part in this project, cause I wanted to go abroad for a bit. To discover a new culture,
country and food. I also worked a lot with children as a Fille au pair, in babysitting, by doing internship in
primary school, secondary school and high school. I'm kind of curious so I tried a lot of sport, I travel quite a
bit, this is why this project interested me a lot.

Which are the main things you have learnt from the voluntary activities so far?
I learned how to be out of my comfort zone, with people who doesn’t speak same language, has
different culture, different history. I learned very small Bulgarian, enought to be polite when I met someone. I also learned Folk Bulgarian Dance, which is pretty cool!

Which are your favorite activities and why?
Being with kids is something I like a lot, so all the time I’ve past with them is my favorite activity.
For now, I teached some of them how to do bracelet and origami, and the best part is that they loved it! And
what is better then a happy child?

Tell us more about your previous experience with voluntary activities (if any)?
For two years, I'm volunteering in La centrifugeuse in my city, university cultural service, which is
a place with concerts, shows, exhibitions. For one year, I'm volunteering to La croix rouge, by helping homeless people, giving them food and clothes. Through this organisation I also gave maths classes.
Last year, during one month, I did a short term EVS volunteering in Poland. Doing handcrafts,
cultural and sport activities.

Tell us more about yourself- where you are from, what have you studied/or study, what are your hobbies
and interests?
I'm coming from France, in Pau (near ocean and Pyrenees)
After High School , I lived one year in Arizona, USA. When I came back to France I studied Mathematics, during my master, I decided to quit cause I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do.
I like sports. I try everything I can, dance, skate, swim, run, archery. And most of all I love cycling. In France I move only with my bike, if it’s to go to work or to travel.


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