VALITS’ PRESS RELEASE 2 - December 2017
VALITS project progresses. Over 530 human resource professionals, employers and managers have been involved in assessing which are the most valued transversal skills in tourism and in different sectors. In the next step the Validation Tool will be developed.

 The Final 10 Transversal Skills

With questionnaires we asked over 530 professionals between July to October 2017  “ Which transversal skills do you seek in you’re a) management employees, b) operational employees WITH direct customer contact and c) operational employees WITHOUT direct customer contact?  

The data analysis shows interesting results which confirm the objective of the project: the most important transversal skills are shared between sectors. The following table shows the top three most valued skills inside and outside tourism:

Inside tourism sector

Outside tourism sector

- Demonstrate loyalty and commitment

- Demonstrate loyalty and commitment

- Customer orientation

- Team working

- Team working

- Following a plan

These results highlight two relevant conclusions. It has confirmed firstly, the importance of customer orientation skills has inside the tourism sector and, secondly that skills such as Demonstrate loyalty and commitment and Team working are valued in both, inside and outside tourism sector. Therefore, someone who has those skills could be eligible to work at other sectors, out of tourism.

These results will now be used for the development of the Validation Tool, which will be an open resource software that offers seasonal employees in tourism to complete several tests and receive an objective assessment of their transversal skills. In a next step, the project will develop a Career Guidance App, where these assessed transversal skills will be used to suggest to the user possible career paths where their skills are needed.

 Which are the 10 transversal skills most valued by employers inside and outside tourism?

  • Decision-Making
  • Work under Pressure
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Leadership
  • Customer Orientation
  • Loyalty and Commitment
  • Teamworking Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Planning Skills
  • Time Management

The project involves partners from 5 EU countries: project coordinator Sea Teach (Spain), Danmar Computers (Poland), Know & Can (Bulgaria), EURO Association (Italy) and SMC Saalfelden gGmbH (Austria). 

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