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Because of the economic crisis, which has arisen in 2008, we are today facing a global challenge of youth unemployment. Due to difficulties in gaining a foothold in the labour market, young people are now the group at highest risk of social exclusion in Europe.

In contemporary societies engagement in the labour market and education represents not only a possibility for accumulating human, social and economic capital, but also an access to a number of activities, which all influence an individual’s skills, abilities and social standing. On the contrary, young people who are disengaged from the labour market and education are therefore more likely to be excluded from relationships and social networks created in the work or educational environment. Such exclusion often results in psychological distress, such as loneliness, feeling powerless or useless, anxiety and even depression.

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14 millions of Young european are nor in education or training (NEETs) and their number has been growing ever since because of the economic crisis. The European Commission, the stakeholders and the youth workers become more and more aware of the economic, social and sanitary consequences of this phenomenon. Mascheerini, one of the autor of the Eurofound report on NEETS precise that this youngster are attracted by the radicalism party in Europe.
NEETS are more likely than other citizen to follow radicalist movement because of they feel they are outside the society and they reject the establish model.

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