In June 2017 in Bulgaria were organised both multiplier events in the frame of ACE project.

The Bulgarian multiplier event (E1) in the frame of ACE project was organised on 29th June 2017 in Novo selo, Bulgaria. The event gathered 15 participants – representatives of the project target group. The participants’ profile was various – teachers and trainers from vocational schools; representatives of NGOs working with people with disadvantaged backgrounds; staff of local schools; local community, etc. All of them are actively engaged in the sector of adult education in some way. The participants were invited to participate in the event mainly via emails and were selected from a database created at the beginning of the project.
The Multiplier event E1 was with half day duration – from 10:00 till 14:00.

The second Multiplier event (E2) was held on 30th June 2017 in Lom, Bulgaria with the participation of 20 adult educators – teachers, trainers and other pedagogical staff from vocational schools and representatives of NGOs and other organisations working with disadvantaged adults in some way. The participants were invited to participate in the event using the professional contacts of Know and Can Association’s staff.
The Multiplier event E1 was with 6-hours duration – from 10:00 till 16:00.

The participants enjoyed very much the events. The general atmosphere was friendly and positive. Some participants already knew each other so the ice was broke at very early stage. Almost all guests knew project details so they were well informed and had specific questions.

The general opinion was that the project is very good and more initiatives like that should be made. All participants asked if the project will be continued and if more modules and motivating stories will be added to the platform. All guests appreciated very much that the e-platform is intuitive and interactive. They said that no such tool currently exists in Bulgaria and promised to disseminate the news among their circle of personal and professional contacts.

The collection of successful stories and motivating examples was the most appreciated and well received project product. The participants shared that the collection represents the project idea in the most appealing way. According to the common opinion a practical example is always the best way to present the theory. The participants stated that they will definitely use the good practices in their work.