Reasons for the project: SMEs throughout Europe are not prepared to meet the challenge of ageing labour force. It is common for the management to underestimate older employees due to stereotyping, lack of knowledge, lack of mobility and willingness to learn. On the other hand, rapid growth of ICT contributes to the fact that older people feel insecure. Weak knowledge of ICT tools makes them feel disintegrated and causes problems on the labour market.

Lack of knowledge of modern languages also makes them feel worse than younger colleagues who due to different system of education are able to speak those languages. Even if people over 50 are often experts in their field, through the lack ICT and language skills become less valued by employers and they feel more useless themselves. Additionally, difficult situation of global economy made their position worse, because when companies fire workforce, the less skilled persons are more likely to lose the jobs. 

Aims: to transfer the innovative model of collaborative learning developed in Italy within the RAVT project and its adaptation to the needs of new target group: employees over 50 years of age working in SME sector, to implement the model as base for a Multi-feature platform which will (besides 3 model courses in ICT) include language courses as BLS and sections for employees over 50 and section for Managers of SME in order to provide both target groups with opportunity of discussion, to study the ICT and languages training needs of both target groups (from perspective of employability of both groups), to provide attractive VET training, change of and promote attitudes regarding employees over 50 and to strengthen cooperation between SME, social partners and other stakeholders.

6 partners from 5 countries. All have experience in EU projects. They were chosen by the two main members: Coordinator and IT partner – owner of the transferred product.  Building partnership took a few months during which potential partners discussed their role. The partners were chosen in order to have a balance regarding the type of organizations and geographical location, but also with a special attention of involvement of organizations well acquainted with both target groups: SME and social sector institutions having previous experience in working with people over 50.

Results: Multi-feature e-learning platform (3 courses and learning materials in ICT based on the model of cooperative learning, three BLS language courses, 3 sections for target groups: 2 separate and one common), questionnaires, reports, workshops, plans, Website, dissemination materials, improved employability perspectives, changed attitudes, knowledge of ICT and languages.

Impact: project will have short-term impact on its immediate target groups through detecting their needs and preparing the training offer that is suitable for them. The project will impact VET systems through providing the tool that could be used by various target groups