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Research on the usage of social media in free time and related to studying or teaching under SMAT project (GRU-12–P–LP –30 –CJ–DE)

According to a national survey in Bulgaria for 2011 about 45 % of the Bulgarian families have access to Internet. The most active Internet users are young people (from 16 to 24 years old) which represent 80 % of all Bulgarians that use Internet. Referring to people aged between 65 and 74 years old, we can see that just 6.2 % of them can work with a computer.

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project.smatOn the 12-th of March 2014, project SMAT- Social Media and Adult Trainings (GRU-12–P–LP –30 –CJ–DE), in which Know and Can Association is a partner, was selected as a Good Practice in the Project proposals, studies and methodologies category.
The award was announced on a ceremony organized by Design for All Foundation in Paris.

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znam.i.moga.logo.1SMAT (Social Media & Adult Training) utilises exchange visits and forums to discuss the use of social media in adult education.  Know and Can Association is one of eight European partners in this project. The other partners are from Germany, Spain, Poland, Great-Britain, Turkey, Finland and Romania

Although EU reports show an increase in the use of the internet and social media in general, there are not many examples of successfully implemented methods for training courses based on social media. This partnership is sharing its knowledge in this area.

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