On the 28-th of November 2013, in the town of Smolyan, the kick-off meeting of the testing of LMS platform by VET professionals within European project GIVE, was held. The project is funded by sector program Leonardo de Vinci, Transfer of innovations within Lifelong Learning Program. Its activities are implemented in Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom. The project’s main aim is to improve knowledge and skills of the VET professionals working with young people from rural areas by the creation of an innovative training platform integrated with social media.

The testing of the platform by the main target group of the project, VET professionals, is going at the moment. Before it the platform was tested by the partner organizations and experts in the fields of IT and non-formal education.

VET professionals from various vocational high schools in the region attended the meeting. 6 of them declared their intention to take part in the testing. All of the participants were introduced to GIVE project and its objectives, the LMS platform and the testing methodology. They received logins to the platform, handbooks for its usage as well as questionnaires for its evaluation. The testing process was explained in detail by representatives of Know and Can Association. In the testing of the Practice module each of the specialists will work together with 5 of their students.

The final version of the platform will be available for free usage by VET professionals in the beginning of February 2014. This will happen after the correction of the technical and structural malfunctions  discovered during the testing and the platform will become easier to use and more useful for the target group.