As an answer to the increasing number of early school leavers

As an answer to the increasing number of early school leavers, many countries in the EU have developed Second Chance education programs in order to reintegrate children and youths in schools so that they can obtain minimum qualifications. Children enrolled in Second Chance programs are mostly underqualified early-school leavers, who have difficult access to employment and often lack basic social skills to adequately integrate into the society, thus making them more vulnerable and exposed to abuse, exploitation and mistreatment.

Many of these children and youths have migrant background (children on the move) which makes them especially vulnerable. Therefore there is an immediate need to develop inclusion programs and adequate teaching methodologies to encourage migrant children to stay enrolled in education programs and lower their marginalisation.

The training curriculum created in the frame of “Reinforcing cOmpetences to Build Inclusion through a New learning methodology”, number: 2015-1-RO01-KA204-015001 project is the foundational document of the envisaged training of teachers. It provides second chance teachers with a comprehensively organized set of tools to develop those competences of their pupils that, even though important, are often unattended by official education curriculums.

The selection of the modules has been made on the basis of the findings of the needs assessment conducted with education professionals in 5 different European countries- Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Romania and Spain. In the needs assessment process several different tools were used: online questionnaires for teachers, focus groups and personal interviews with teachers. The modules contained in the curriculum are the following:

I.    Leadership and Motivation
II.    Learning to learn
III.    Emotional and physical health
IV.    Communication
V.    Accepting differences
VI.    Building IT awareness
VII.    Building healthy relationships
VIII.    The psychosocial games

Curriculum of the integrated learning methodology that addresses the needs of educators - download pdf

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