The team of Know and Can Association starts its work on the ROBIN project “Reinforcing  cOmpetences to Build Inclusion through a New learning methodology” with number: 2015-1-RO01-KA204-015001. Coordinatorof the project is the Romanian organization Fundatia Terre des hommes Elvetia. During 24 months five partner organisations from different European countries(Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy and Spain are going to collaborate in order to achieve the project aim – to develop innovative learning methodology, that will reinforce educators capacities to support children on the move and from ethnic minorities, enrolled in second chance programmes, to complete their education and integrate successfully into society.

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golic.logoNewsletter III
The 3rd partnership meeting

We are happy to inform you that the third international partnership meeting took place in Berlin, on 8th and 9th October, this year. The meeting was attended by 16 representatives from all partner organizations.
What did we do?

One of the main objectives of the meeting was to establish a clear division of tasks in the further process of creating content for language courses for tourist guides. Partners agreed on the details of the structure of the modules and types of exercises. Because of different subjects of the modules, the structure may slightly differ but there will be always 5 common elements: audio recording/audio scripts, a listening task, vocabulary exercises, grammar exercises, a pronunciation exercise. More details can be found in “GOLIC modules” section.

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ACE logoACE - „Developing Adult Educators‘ Competences to Promote Learners‘ Lifestyle Entrepreneurship“( No. 2015-LT01-KA2014-013404)

The project is financed by Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 “Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices”, Action “Strategic partnerships for adult education”. The project lifetime is 2 years – September 2015 – September 2017. The project will be implemented through the partnership of 5 EU countries – Bulgaria, Lithuania, Cyprus, Poland and UK. It will directly involve 90 adult educators and 72 adult learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.
About ACE    

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Know and Can is happy to announce that became a partner in the project JudEx+: Towards a child-friendly justice in cases of sexual violence against children, with project number-JUST/2014/RCHI/AG/PROF/7036. The coordinator of the project is “Hope for Children” UNCRC Policy Center from Cyprus. The project is funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme. The main goals of the project are as follows:

  • To promote Article 12 of the UNCRC and the CoE Convention on the Protection of Children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse in relation to the right of the child to be heard and involved in decision making, whether at home, in the general life of the community, at school or in individual legal or administrative matters in cases of sexual violence.
  • To improve the child’s experience position when entering the judicial system in cases of sexual violence against children
  • To improve the skills of professionals involved in representing children in judicial proceedings through trainings which take into consideration children’s rights, their developmental needs and social background in countries where the Lanzarote Convention has been recently ratified.
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for.prove.logo.enKick-off meeting in Sofia
Project: „ForProve theatre” 2015-2-BG01-КА205-014544

Know and Can Association is happy to announce that on 26th – 27th October 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria was held the kick-off meeting of „ForProve theatre” project. Know and Can is the leading organisation of this project which brings together partners from six European countries – Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Lithuania.

The aim of the project is to develop and implement in these six countries an innovative method called ForProve theatre. It will contribute to the reduction of the youth unemployment which level is constantly raising. This innovative method will combine two existing models: Improve Theatre and Forum Theatre.

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for.prove.logo.enKnow and Association has started working on a project : ” ForProve theatre” 2015-2-BG01-КА205-014544
Partners: M&M Profuture Training, S.L. – Spain, Coges Società Cooperativa Sociale -  Italy, Centrum Wspierania Edukacji i Przedsiebiorczosci /CWEP/ - Poland, Klub mladih Split – Croatia, Socialiniu inovaciju fondas – Lithuania.

According to the European Commission, in the second quarter of 2014 over 5 million young people (under 25) were unemployed in the EU-28. This represents an unemployment rate of 21.7% (23.2% in the euro area), which is more than twice as high as the adult unemployment rate (9.0%). Unemployment among youths has been a top priority for EU countries. One of the reasons for the unemployment is the lack of entrepreneurial spirit and skills amongst young people. The elaborated innovative method under the current project idea will create and develop in youth people transversal skills that are crucial in dealing with unemployment and lack of working skills.

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WORLD TVET 2015 Conference in Kuching, Malaysia/ Borneo/
“Bridging the gap between education and the world of work”

WORLD TVET 2015 Conference was organized in Kuching, Malaysia, at the beautiful island of Borneo, with more than 700 delegates from 28 different countries. All the participants are actively engaged in VET, human resource development and management activities which is a proof that TVET is a key interest area of many countries and actors.

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citizenship.logoThe Chairwoman and Financial manager of Know and Can represented the Association during the third partner meeting in Bremen, Germany under the project „Inter-Cultural Dimension for European Active Citizenship (IDEA-C)“ - 555616-CITIZ-1-2014-IT-CITIZ-NT. The event was hosted by the German partner organization- M2C Institut für angewandte Medienforschung GmbH.

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