Reasons for the project: SMEs throughout Europe are not prepared to meet the challenge of ageing labour force. It is common for the management to underestimate older employees due to stereotyping, lack of knowledge, lack of mobility and willingness to learn. On the other hand, rapid growth of ICT contributes to the fact that older people feel insecure. Weak knowledge of ICT tools makes them feel disintegrated and causes problems on the labour market.

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The project “Intercultural Salad” aims at presenting and sharing similarities and differences between cultural, historic and religious traditions and habits of 4 countries with different official religions – Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria and Spain. In order to popularize them and in this way to improve intercultural sensitivity among the participants. During the activities of the exchange in 8 days 25 young people will show and learn about typical religious holidays and traditions, traditional folk music and dances, cultural traditions, historical events, crafts.

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Action for Wide Awareness Rising in Europe:

The proposed action aims at establishing a Multi-actor European Awareness Rising Network which should promote awareness rising initiatives through formal and informal educational channels. The network will initially involve six EU Member countries and will directly involve youngsters in Europe with debates and concrete proposals focusing on achieving universal primary education - the second objective of the Millennium Development Goals – taking as a geographical priority the sub-Saharan Africa area.

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The results of the first international testing of English language knowledge for 14 year old students

In May 2008 Know and Can Association and Center RUNI organized the first international testing of English language knowledge for 14 year old students. The project is initiated by SCIO- Czech Republic and more than 17 000 students from Argentine, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, France, Czech Republic and Japan took part in it. 32 schools in Bulgaria declared voluntarily their intention to participate in it. 13 of them were from Sofia, 7 from Blagoevgrad,4 from Veliko Tarnovo, 2 from Ruse, 2 from Stara Zagora and 1 school for each of the following regions: Razgrad, Plovdiv, Kiustendil and Kardjali.

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Know and Can Association’s project by programme „Leonardo da Vinchi Mobility”


tourism.001_thumbThe project aims at answering the need of improving the professional skills of 15 young people newly graduated in the sphere of tourism, who are on the labour market and who intend to find their future realization in tourism, mainly in the sphere of restaurants business.Nowadays Bulgaria is still falling behind from a number of tendencies of the competitive, dynamic and globalizing European market of tourist services.

Participants in the training will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in a country with leading European practices in this field.

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I am a personality, too

spin.002_thumbThe project aims in a period of 5 months to increase the level of information of 120 students aged 16-18 and to enrich their knowledge on the themes of  pshycoactive substances and HIV virus; to eliminate the dominating mistaken notions and the incorrect, inadequate and intolerant attetude proceeding from them towards people dependent on psychoactive substances and people with HIV; to declare our wish for changing the present situation of non-understanding and not knowing the specific characteristics of HIV problem; to show opportunities for reintegtating in society of addicted and infected people as people with equal chances who have rights, feelings and emotions just like healthy people; to build up skills in young people for health protection and prevention of risky sexual behaviour.

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Know and Can Association is established in order to help young people and students get involved into the field of informal education. To respond to students and youths’ needs for extra activities that can reveal their potential and intellectual skills, the Association decided to work out a project based on the intellectual games and activities. The project “Know and Can Club” reveals different opportunities for young people to take part in extra educational process without considering it as something boring or compulsory.


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europelead.009_thumbThe project aims at within four months to train young leaders in respect to investigate and work out projects on European Programs, debating, conflicts and conflicts decisions, developing of creative and intellectual potential, improving of personal qualities.    Applying the principles and methods of non-formal education will help young people in their interests, necessities, successful decisions of future problems and causes, giving meaning of free time, finding a suitable job, correspondent to their qualification and abilities. The result of the project will be the turning of youths into a key factor in Euro integration processes in Bulgaria. By pointing young people to express themselves and build personal qualities, the project will help young people to work in cooperation and take responsibilities.

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