dmstproject.logo.facebook.180pxWith reference to the implementation of project ” Design thinking in the sphere of tourism” № BG 051 PO 001-7.0.01-0026- C 0001, a contest, aimed at managers and other management staff of hotels in the Rhodope region has started. Its topic is: “Conception for the development of tourism and hotels in the Rhodope region”. For additional information and to see the conditions for participating, please look at the invitation and application form

Download the application form for participation in the contest

Download the invitation for  participation in the contest


GIVE 2011-1-PL1-LEO05-19885

The idea of the project is to utilise modern methods using social media for improvement of vocational knowledge. VET professionals use traditional ways of education which lowers effectiveness of learning process and does not allow to develop IT competences. Due to rapid development of Web2.0 services, and need for providing attractive and high quality learning content, a slow movement towards integration of learning systems and social media applications arises. Social media applications such as Twitter, blogs and Facebook are used more and more in our daily personal and professional lives. Educational institutions are becoming increasingly aware that such applications can be effectively integrated into their learning delivery systems but very few are actually using these applications to innovate their training systems and to offer more learner-centred services. Equipping VET professionals with skills allowing them to deliver knowledge with use of social media will provide attractive VET opportunities and encourage youth participation in learning process.

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Project “Design Thinking in Tourism”
Operational Programme “Human Resource Development” – Priority Axis 7
Grant Scheme “Without Borders – Component 1”


On the 29-th of February 2012 a contract for the implementation of project “Design Thinking in Tourism” was signed.
The main aim of the project is to give opportunity to trainers in the field of non- formal education and managers of small and medium hotels in the Rhodope Region to enrich their knowledge and improve their skills for effective management by using innovative models and good practices in the sphere of tourist and hotel management based on design thinking in business and social media. Coordinator of the project is Know and Can Association – Bulgaria and partners are: Association of Rhodope Municipalities – Smolyan, Bulgaria and CIBER ESPACIO – Spain.


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Social Media channels e.g (Wiki, Facebook, YouTube) are challenging current educational models including VET by

  1. transforming teaching and learning practice (pedagogical innovation),
  2. posing new requirements with respect to the management of processes (organisational innovation), and
  3. devising new tools for teaching and learning (technological innovation). Social Media is transforming the learning panorama by providing unprecedented opportunities for self –direct learning, collaborative learning and lifelong learning.
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project.socialyouthvolunteering.1Youth in action – programme, 1.1 - Youth exchange, 
Bulgaria, Bansko – 23.07-31.07.2011

The project “Social Youth Volunteering” provides an opportunity for exchange of good practices and experience among 33 young people with entrepreneurial thinking from Turkey, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria, who are willing to help their peers in social isolation due to unemployment and addictions by providing voluntary service as an instrument for effective influence.


Read more ... 2000 a vast variety of projects have been developed under the Socrates/Grundtvig, Comenius and Leonardo da Vinci action/programme, not to mention all KA projects. A total of more than 4,5 billion EUROs has been spent by the Commission on those projects. And only very few became publically well known, like the ECDL, and are still “on the market”.
DEEP.Com aims to enhance the number of Grundtvig, Comenius, KA2+3 and Leonardo projects being successful - in the meaning of commercial success - by selecting projects ready to be marketed, having the potential to be marketed and support them in entering the appropriate markets.

The support anticipated will be derived from Best Practice examples, which have achieved remarkable commercial results, and offered online in form of e-learning materials and service tools for project co-ordinators/partners, who are determined to transition their project results to the “common” market.

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“Youth Leaders Partnership”
Bansko, Bulgaria 13.07.2010-20.07.2010
The project is financed with the support of  Youth in Action Program (2007-2013)
National Center “European Youth Programs and Initiatives”


The project “Youth Leaders Partnership” was held in Bulgaria in the form of a training of youth leaders and youth workers from 5 youth organizations from Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria.

The aim of the project was during 8 days 20 youth leaders and youth workers to acquire new knowledge and social skills, to transfer good practices, experience and innovative models in the sphere of youth activities, as an answer to the new social and professional challenges.

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Palermo, ITALY, 7 th of September – 15 th of September 2010

A CALL TO CHANGE is a training course with European countries- France, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Estonia, Portugal, Turkey, Scotland, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Slovak Republic and Italy – that will gather 30 participants during 8 working days in Palermo, Italy.

The main themes of the course are poverty, human rights and youth with fewer opportunities.

The main aim of the project is to contribute to fight poverty and social exclusion of youth with fewer opportunities, which are more vulnerable. As well the project approaches poverty from a human rights perspective which is much richer and complete than an approach based on income. The participants (youth workers) will learn different tools that they can multiply in their own local community and in other YiA projects.

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